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Rediscovering the joy of Creativity

My life has taken many twists and turns, and some of the activities I have loved the most had fallen by the wayside in the bustle of daily life and work. After years lying fallow, I recently got the urge to return to my first career as a sculptor, and try my hand at creating something new. An Italian sculptor friend with whom I reconnected after decades of not seeing each other, suggested, given the many losses and challenges I had faced over the years, that we should each do a sculpture at the same time on the same subject. When I asked her what theme she suggested, she said "A phoenix, rising from the ashes of the past life". I loved the idea. So I have just taken to the foundry. a beeswax original to be cast in bronze- imagining all the array of fiery colors possible in the final patina. This was really fun- and I'm clearly up for sculpting more! It's been a potent reminder that past activities never go to waste, and that intervening experience can even make them better.

The finished beeswax original of Phoenix Rising- ready for the foundry.

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