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When asked “What do you do?”, assuming the questioner means, “What work do you do?”  I am a bit at a loss. The older I get, now that I am in  what the Spaniards call “the Third Age” (which sounds vaguelly post-Pleistocene), the more I feel my principle work is mostly internal- the work of living consciously and fully from moment to moment, and embracing all of life with love and gratitude. But in a concession to those who think in categories and labels, I can say I have had multiple careers, or jobs. This is not a matter of boasting of any extraordinary skills or abilities- it is simply an acknowledgement of a wide variety of interests, (and I suppose a tendency to get bored doing only one thing)  that have led me to attempt to explore, learn from and apply my interests as best I can. I’ll leave the judgment of my success to others. Over the past fifty years or so, I have been a teacher, sculptor, writer, singer, gardener, cook, interpreter, public speaker, a clergyman, spiritual director, and inter-cultural bridge-builder, a husband, father, a meditator, and a mentor of many.

This webpage is simply a repository for me share some of what I’ve discovered, enjoyed, and do in the pursuit of these interests, for the upliftment of anyone interested.

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