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Books & More!                                                                                                   

More than just a marketing page or virtual store- books and more offers ideas and experiences for you to explore.


I created Books & More as a venue to share the fruits of years of artistic, intellectual, and spiritual productivity. As a writer, artist, linguist and teacher, I love helping others in their own path and process of discovery. This is a page where I can not only share the books I’ve written- both non-fiction and fiction- but also courses, workshops, lectures retreats and other offerings and projects near and dear to me, in the hopes that they will inspire others in their journey.


My own interests are wide-ranging, and they have been fed by an ever-growing awareness of how interconnected things really are- so though the relationship between, for example, interracial relations in the Antebellum South and the Doctrine of Karma and Reincarnation; or the theology of sound and the power of chant and modern neuroscience; or theories of knowledge and an East-West comparison of the spirituality of Jesus may not have ever occurred to some, I invite you to explore my books or attend my retreats and workshops and discover connections for yourself.

And since learning is always interactive and often dialogical- I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Sharing questions is a great path to discovering answers, and learning is a continual part of life. So feel free to join in!

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